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Pricing Of Atlanta Strippers

Look on further for adult entertainment in Atlanta and the surrounding. Our philosophy is very simple: To provide you with the great acts and the expert guidance you need to make your next private, corporate or special event a memorable one from start to finish. Using our various industry relationships we'll help find you the right acts for your event at the right price and help make sure your next event is the smash hit you need it to be.


Booking Fee

Wherever they need to travel to is normally fine. There are normally no additional travel charges if the party is within the city or immediate metro area. For out of town parties, travel charges are calculated according to time from Downtown Atlanta . This additional amount is due in cash upon his/her arrival in addition to the $125 remaining balance. If your event is more than 4 hours from Downtown Atlanta be prepared to pay for possible hotel stay and airfare. If your event is a significant distance from downtown feel free to contact us at 678-768-3611 for clarification or any questions.

Tipping Dancers

Customary tipping for an entertainer at an average party, is about $200-$400 which is in addition to the booking fee and the entertainer's up front fee. So if you have about 10 guest that is about $20-$40 a person or if you have 20 guests that’s only $10-$20 a person which normally is not a problem for most parties. As the person booking the party you owe it to the entertainer to just simply make sure everyone is prepared with tip dollars and change for larger bills prior to the dancer's arrival. The dancer's performance is largely dictated by tips so in order to receive the best performance and to ensure the dancer's full booked amount of time we recommend generous tipping throughout the entire show. Generous tipping allows us to provide the highest quality entertainers at such a low introductory cost. We’d rather you save your money for tips rather than charging high, up front booking fees like most other entertainment booking agencies do.


Time & Pricing

It is safe to say that when clients request shorter performance times we can safely assume that the entertainer's tips are going to be less. Whether it’s a five-minute stripper-gram at a doctor’s office or if it’s a 30 minute to an hour long party, it's the same price. Each regular priced elite entertainer performs most shows 30 minutes to an hour (depending on tips). We never guarantee the full hour because it is never guaranteed that there will be a lot of people or tips at the party. We understand that plans fall through, money comes up short in party planning, or promoting & ticket sales doesn't work as well as one might think or plan for it to be. So, this is the fairest and easiest way to book our dancers out with both parties happy and satisfied. While at the same time offering you the lowest and most competitive prices. Rule of thumb: If tips are still flowing and around then a dancer will typically stick around to make more money. Shows can last over an hour if the dancers are taken care of and appreciated for their time, talent and performance.


Booking Fees

Your booking fees largely cover admin, processing your order, scheduling it, assigning it, confirmations, entertainer contracting services, legal services, business license, advertising and business fees and most overhead that comes along with operating and maintaining a business. Most agencies charge $150 - $200 deposit plus the same amount to the dancer upon arrival. They claim you are putting a deposit down which in turn sounds like the dancer gets some of the money from the deposit but that is not true and the performer makes less in tips. We only charge a flat $100 booking fee for booking entertainers.


Cancellation Policy


Notice of cancellation must be received 72 hours prior to the event otherwise booking deposit is non-refundable. A cancellation fee of $25 per entertainer can be assessed if you cancel your entertainer outside of the 72 hour window.






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