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Toll Free # 866-606-7497


Looking for fun things to do with your girlfriends?


This revue is sweeping the country with some of the hottest men with a class act Magic Mike style choreographed dance routine, show performance & male revue. Nothing says ladies night like going to a male strip club, witnessing a male strip show fantasy tour or ordering male strippers online to come perform a strip-o-gram for your girls night out, bachelorette party, birthday party, sorority party, retirement party, charity event, fundraiser, divorce party, passion party, 50 Shades of Grey party, lingerie party, pajama party, swingers party, engagement party, house party, pool party or hotel party! The male models, male dancers & male entertainers with Fantasy Men the Show were carefully handpicked and hand selected and only the best of the best made it even close to Channing Tatum status with their skills, dance moves and hip-hop stud moves. The guys set out to go back on tour real soon so BOLO and don't miss these all American male strippers, "Fantasy Men the Show," in a town or city near you! 


If YOU are a Casino, a Bar Owner, a Night Club Owner, a Promoter, an Event Coordinator or a Fundraiser interested in booking a show very similar to Magic Mike the movie or Chocolate City the movie then you need to book through MC Entertainment & Services's Atlanta stripper website here by calling Toll Free # 866-606-7497


All bookings & schedulings are a first come first serve basis. We NEVER hit the same 3 hour radius more than once so please do not ask. We stay loyal and exclusive to our affiliate business partners and prices are ONLY negotiable with a typed up non-compete agreement & contract. Be the first & literally the ONE & ONLY business owner & adult establishment that has a sell out show in YOUR LOCAL CITY at your local bar, club, gambling casino, venue space, stadium or auditorium & leave everyone wishing they would've jumped on it first! 


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