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Benefits of Hiring a Private Entertainer, Exotic Dancer & Stripper over going to a Strip Club in Atlanta

Some of you may be thinking that the cost of an Atlanta male or female entertainer is too expensive. If you take a look at all the extra fees here and there, you possibly can end up paying more by spending your girl’s night out or your guy’s night out at a strip club. 

Before you even enter a strip club you are slammed with a parking fee. Most strip clubs make you pay to use their parking lot. If there is valet, you end up having to tip them at the end of the night. Even if you end up not using the club’s parking lot, you can spend sometimes a minimum of $10 to use a parking garage or other city lot. Not to mention if you’re drinking, you can risk getting a DUI or paying even more for a taxi to drive you home at the end of the night. Parking can place you at least $10 in the hole. Add an additional $30-$50 if you use a taxi at the end of the night.

Entrance Fee:

All strip clubs have an entrance fee in place. Depending on the night you can spend anywhere from $10-$20 just to walk in the door. Some places may even make you wait in a line outside for you to enter. A private party at your place gives the convenience of your own space, when your party starts and ends, and free parking and entrance.


We all know the prices of alcoholic beverages at a strip club or bar are always overpriced and usually watered down. A lot of time can be wasted by waiting in line to even order a drink. If you have a small bladder, have fun waiting in line for the restroom. A handle of vodka or tequila can range from $20-$30 and can make drinks for all your guests. Buying a round of drinks for your party at a club could be up to $50! Don’t forget you will also be tipping your bartender too. At an in home private party, you can make the drinks as strong as you want for less.

Lap Dances:

When you hire a private entertainer or male & female strippers for a party, every guest can get a lap dance. Did you know at some strip clubs, most men or women are not allowed to dance themselves, get too close to the stage, or even touch any of the male & female dancers? A lap dance for the guest of honor can cost you at least $10 for only 1 song and probably will only last a couple of minutes.

With a private entertainer, he or she can bust the party as a cop or play another role of your choice. The male or female entertainer comes to your party and can give you a more personal experience that a strip club cannot offer. The guest of honor will get the royal treatment and all your friends will get the chance to talk, play party games, take pictures, dance with the stripper and even lick whipcream off areas of the body we cannot speak of. All of this and more will make for a memorable and personal party experience! Hiring a sexy private Atlanta male or female stripper, exotic dancer or entertainer all you pay is a booking fee, the fee for the stripper to show up and then the tips during the show (totaling around $150-$200 depending on distance and travel). Tell your guests to provide $10 worth of bills each and the tips are instantly paid! Go to a strip club for your event and you’re looking at paying at least $50 to $100 per person!

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