​​What information do I need to book Atlanta Strippers, Models, Actors, Entertainers & Performers To make my reservation?


Here is what we need to schedule your party or event 

We need you to carefully select your top choices of party entertainers, models, or actors that you would like to have performed, model, or strip at your party, event, or film project. 

We will need an exact date and estimated time when you'd like the party entertainer(s), model(s), or actors to arrive at your party, event, or film production set.

We will need the name & telephone number of the "point of contact" for the party entertainer(s), model(s), or actor(s) to call or text when they get ready to leave to head to destination & for when they arrive at your party, event or studio. Two phone numbers preferably, so we can be 100% certain our independent contractors or ourselves can reach you or someone affiliated with you the day/night of the event.

We will need the correct address of the party, event, or film studio setup. That includes the full street address, city, state, zip code, and any unit or building # if needed. 



* Rates vary because of distance to party location from downtown Atlanta Georgia or alternative major cities that entertainers area unit traveling from supported Google Maps. Also, rates could apply for building parking, the longer length of the show, the booking fee, and if any orders that area unit placed moment notice past time of day.

Among different cities in Georgia and states, Mc recreation & Services primarily serves and provides recreation booking services for the areas: Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, Decatur, Columbus, town, Alpharetta, Conyers, Fayetteville, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Norcross, Smyrna, Stone Mountain, Acworth, Austell, Buford, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, faculty Park, Commerce, Covington, Cumming, Dallas, Dalton, Doraville, Douglasville, Duluth, East Ellijay, Ellijay, Macon, Savannah, Conyers, Cartersville, Suwanee, Norcross, Buckhead, Lenox, Midtown, Griffin, Statesboro, Jonesboro, Blue Ridge, Winder, Augusta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Snellville, La Grange, Warner Robins, Dalton, Rome Dahlonega, Toccoa, Newnan, Peachtree town, McDonough, Carrolton, Monroe, Valdosta, Dublin, Brunswick & more.


Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​Travel Fees

Wherever they have to trip is generally fine. Their area unit commonly no further travel charges if the party is among the town or immediate tube space. For out of city parties, travel charges area unit calculated in step with time from Downtown Atlanta. this extra quantity is due in money upon his/her arrival additionally to the $125 remaining balance. If your event is over four hours from Downtown Atlanta be ready to get attainable building keep and fare. If your event could be an important distance from downtown be happy to contact North American nation at 678-798-8850 for clarification or any queries.

Recommended Dancers

WWe represent each person equally and every one of the elite entertainer's areas unit superb. thanks to this you'd simply merely base your preferences off of the photos, profiles, reviews, and videos on the website.

Booking Dancers Before

Most purchasers book anyplace between one and three weeks before. Some purchasers book the day before and a few even book a similar day. we tend to advocate you book as a way before as attainable to confirm the simplest entertainers and avoid any further charges.


Check PErson AvailabilENESS

We area unit sometimes ready to accommodate your request once attainable however after you book on-line you're needed to form over one preference to supply some flexibility. If you’d prefer to ascertain that person was allotted merely decision the North American nation in enough advance before your party as a result of it'll are allotted out if you wait till the last moment. the fellows typically decision you before your party to substantiate and speak directly with you anyway.

Tipping Dancers​

Customary tipping for AN person at a mean party is concerning $200-$400 that is added to the booking fee and also the entertainers upfront fee. thus if you have got concerning ten guests that's concerning $20-$40 someone or if you have got twenty guests that’s solely $10-$20 someone that commonly isn't a tangle for many parties. because the person booking the party you owe it to the person {to just|to only|to merely|to merely} simply ensure everyone seems to be ready with tip greenbacks and alter for larger bills before the dancer's arrival. The dancer's performance is essentially settled by tips thus to receive the simplest performance and to confirm the dancer's full set-aside quantity of your time we tend to advocate generous tipping throughout the complete show. Generous tipping permits the North American nation to supply the best quality entertainers at such a coffee introductory value. We’d rather you save your cash for tips instead of charging high, upfront booking fees like most different amusement booking agencies do.


Time & Rating

It is safe to mention that once shoppers request shorter performance times area unit able to} safely assume that the entertainer's tips are aiming to be less. whether or not it’s a five-minute stripper-gram at a doctor’s workplace or if it’s a thirty-minute to associate degree hour-long party, it is the same worth. every regular priced elite someone performs most shows half-hour to associate degree hour (depending on tips). we tend to ne'er guarantee the complete hour as a result of it's ne'er secure that there'll be loads of individuals or tips at the party. we have a tendency to perceive that plans fall flat, cash comes up short in party designing, or promoting & price ticket sales does not work similarly collectively would possibly suppose or arrange for it to be. So, this is often the fairest and simplest way to book our dancers out with each party happy and happy. whereas at an equivalent time providing you the bottom and best costs. Rule of thumb: If tips are still flowing and around then a dancer can generally stick around to create extra money. Shows will last over associate degree hour if the dancers are taken care of and appreciated for his or her time, talent and performance.

Booking Fees

Your booking fees mostly cowl admin, process your order, planning it, distribution it, confirmations, someone catching services, legal services, business license, advertising, and business fees and most overhead that comes alongside operative and maintaining a business. Most agencies charge a $150 - $200 deposit and an equivalent quantity to the dancer upon arrival. They claim you're putting a deposit down that successively looks like the dancer gets a number of the money from the deposit however that's not true and also the performing artist makes less in tips. we tend to solely charge a flat $100 booking fee for booking entertainers.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation should be received seventy-two hours before the event otherwise booking deposit is non-refundable. A cancellation fee of $25 per someone is assessed if you cancel your someone outside of the seventy two hour window.

Photography & Video

Entertainers ordinarily permit pictures however it’s ultimately at his/her discretion. If your guest's ar respectful and tip well then he/she can probably} be a lot of likely to permit it. At the least, you may have a chance for photos before or when their performance if not throughout. Any photos shared with MHz diversion & Services, LLC on social media sites for promotional functions permits for attainable savings & discounts on future someone bookings. a replica of photos from the show is also requested by someone or MHz diversion & Services LLC at any time and failure to supply photos could represent during a lawsuit or criminal charges ironed by the dancer or MHz diversion & Services LLC.


Male entertainers ordinarily don't do full nakedness however some guys do if they're comfy with it. If your party is respectful, tips well and native laws/ordinances allow then the male someone could get nude. Ultimately it's at the performer's discretion tho'. feminine entertainers nearly always get nude because of the character of the diversion demands of most male parties, guests, or shoppers. we can build special accommodations for a lot of conservative parties and send word the someone to not get nude, wear full bottom shorts or briefs, or simply take off to his pants or a non-revealing combination of shorts. you're accountable for any special request relating to nakedness at the show. Any request should be created upon booking otherwise the performing artist might not learn, won't be ready, and isn't to be a command to blame for any cancellations, party guests pained, or any mishaps because of poker-faced requests before the party.

Party Responsibility​

Have a part for the entertainers to induce dressed or into costume if they are doing not arrive already dressed out. ​ ​​​Be responsible for keeping your guests respectful of the entertainers so that they'll do their job. Be cooperative and treat the entertainers with kindness and respect. Participate and revel in the party together with your guests.​​​​

Costume Requests

When you book on-line please give your special notes and request and that we can strive our greatest give your high 3 costume requests. A common request is Cop, Fireman, Cowboy, artisan, Military, Chippendale, Hip Hop, Thug, guard, Jail Inmate, Waiter, Nerd, Doctor, Nurse, Biker, animal skin & Chains, hotelkeeper, pizza Delivery, businessperson, GQ, fifty reminders gray, adolescent, recreation Bear, trained worker, Angry Neighbor, etc. If your request is unconventional or extraordinary (Mr. Potato Head, bin Laden or the other ridiculous act you come back up with) and a “must-have” please be ready to supply the costume or pay substantial further charges ($150+) for someone to get, prepare and perform in this costume.

Performer Getting Ready

White male entertainers ordinarily arrive ready and prepared to perform. Black male entertainers ordinarily want a dynamical or room with regarding 10-15 minutes to organize. they are doing what's necessary to be a lot of “endowed” upon creating their entrance. Performance preparation and elegance are worlds apart. they're simply merely different types of performers. There are only a few exceptions wherever white entertainers make preparations upon arrival or black entertainers arrive able to perform. different ethnicities are ordinarily ready upon arrival too. simply be ready for either upon your entertainer's arrival. feminine entertainers can perpetually want a dynamical space.


Party Buses

Entertainers perform on party buses all the time. you simply ought to certify that his/her pickup and drop-off location is that the same thus he/she is back at their vehicle. when choosing the someone up, drive around or park within the general space thus he/she will quickly be it back at their vehicle once you all are done. A $25 further fee is also requested from the dancer for party bus shows.

Hotel Room Parties

Entertainers perform at hotels loads of the time. you most likely won’t understand your space variety till you sign in thus you may be contacted hours before your party to induce the space variety. You then will either have him come back on up or come back right down to meet him within the lobby to stay the surprise.

Guys At The Party

Some of our male entertainers perform for feminine audiences solely. we tend to do have a choose few entertainers that perform for the gay community, mixed crowds, or if males are a gift. If men ar gift throughout a straight male stripper someone has the correct to refuse to perform arts for the party. Often non-negotiable and non-refundable if the writer for booking disclose full detail that a gay or mixed crowd party the performing artist is functioning.


Couples or Private Shows

Some of our entertainers do perform for couples or non-public shows. Entertainers charge $50 additional in these things as a result of tips are sometimes not plentiful. Tipping remains obligatory throughout the show to confirm and best performance.

Male or Female Revues

All male revues are handled directly by the booking director. Please make sure to review and perceive all of the rating and booking info. Reviewing, please e-mail U.S.A. the subsequent data and that we can reply promptly. Please embrace MALE REVUE within the subject line. INCLUDE: Your forename / Phone# / Night Club or Venue Name / town and postal code / Date / Time / what percentage Dancers required / Preference of Black, White, or mixture of Male or feminine Entertainers.

Abuse & Rules

f any of the entertainers feel they're touched unsuitably, or ​​​​physically/verbally abused, the show is going to be finished in real-time, and offenders ​prosecuted to the complete extent of the law!​​​ If any personal things happiness to our entertainer's square measure broken, stolen, or damaged, it'll be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace the broken item.​​​


Order Changes

If you wish to form AN adjustment to AN existing order please submit your changes with a minimum of seventy-two hours notice before your party to confirm that the changes may be created, accommodated and the extra price won't incur. Any instant amendments beneath seventy-two hours from your party date & time that square measure created that change the particular party date, time, location, or amendment of your dancer can't be bonded as a result of the dancer might not be ready to accommodate or be versatile with such short notice. If your dancer is unable to accommodate your beneath seventy-two-hour changes and it causes you do not have a dancer in the slightest degree then you're answerable for base pay to the dancer you picked for booking up his/her slot wherever he/she may have had one or multiple alternative parties elsewhere. The booking fee during this case is additionally non-refundable and this clause is non-negotiable within the contract.

Existing Order Queries

The most effective thanks to inquiries regarding your order are to easily e-mail the United States. embrace your party date, time, location, order variety, and any queries or comments and it'll be replied to promptly. we tend to like for you to e-mail the United States rather than a job. this enables the United States to stay phone lines open for brand new orders and to coordinate schedules and party assignments to the entertainers. If your issue is of AN pressing matter be happy to decision however make certain to own your order variety prepared.

Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
Please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy to be used on this site by clicking here.


Trust/Legitimate Companies
It is generally terribly troublesome to understand UN agency to trust on the web, a lot of less AN freelance stripper advertising on-line or shady trying stripper company on the web. we tend to encourage you to browse the web and look into the competition. whereas looking out, here square measure a couple of things that to seem for to understand UN agency to not trust online:

1) will the agency post similar photos in multiple cities?

2) will the agency have superannuated photos that appear as if they're from the '80s or '90s?

3) will the agency have footage of dancers you have ne'er seen or detected before?

4) does one have to bother finding a dancer that you just apprehend for a reality works in your native area?

5) will the agency not have a live operator that you just will speak to over the phone?

6) will the agency not take on-line bookings by MasterCard or transactions by MasterCard over the phone?

7)  will the agency {have nothing|don't have ANything} however, perfect and too sensible to be true models an image profiles on their site?

8)  will the agency not have a Facebook, Twitter, or social media website to where REAL & LEGITIMATE reviews, testimonials & party footage square measure posted and may be viewed? don't be fooled by handwritten testimonials on websites by anonymous folks. Any net developer or web designer will merely enter those pretend testimonials themselves.

9) iggest one here would be checking to envision if the businesses you were trying into booking with had their company on major review sites on-line because of chances square measure that if an organization will dangerous business then they're designedly NOT going to make, set-up and ensure these review sites. Some review sites don't need the business owner to activate the account and anyone will set it up and leave a nasty review that in most cases is what happens. These review sites square measure sites such as:              


 (word links are clickable)

Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Trustpilot Reviews, GlassDoor Reviews, Angie's List Reviews, The Knot Reviews, Fixr Reviews, MapQuest Reviews, telephone book Reviews, Facebook Business Reviews, CitySearch Reviews, Road Trippers Reviews, Manta Reviews, so Reviews, native Reviews, bourgeois Circle Reviews, recruit Business Reviews, One Wed Reviews, Viadeo Reviews, e-Business Pages Reviews, Foursquare Reviews, Wedding Service corporations Reviews, WOT Reviews, etc.

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Going through most of those national agencies and native freelance dancers may be dangerous and a complete catastrophe for you, the maid of honor, the guest of honor, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, your entire party, and every one of the guests present that predict AN somebody. one thing like this might Ruin a once in a very lifetime opportunity like a bachelor, bachelorette or celebration or cause you to seem like an entire fool. reminiscences may be shattered and ruined by being ripped off. they're susceptible to simply take your cash and run. there's ne'er a guarantee after you rent a stripper through on-line postings, social networking sites, Craigslist, or the other sales promotions on-line. Don’t get scammed. a number of these entertainers can provoke some or all of their cash before even inward. Our Customers have disclosed several of their horror stories of attempting to use freelance advertising strippers online in the past and that they can ne'er go that route once more. take care of firms World Health Organization don’t need any deposit on a MasterCard. Also, contemplate while not a deposit the corporate has little or no obligation to produce you AN somebody. “ALL money upon arrival” bookings usually have high unpunctual cancellations from the corporate or dancer.


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