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Another happy customer. Listen to this testimonial from Angela! She booked Whiplash for her party and will use MC Entertainment & Services again!

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"MC Entertainment was wonderful for my husbands birthday! Beautiful job Anastasia!! Thank you so much ;)"

-Debbie, Atlanta, Ga-

"Magnificent was WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you so much! We enjoyed him and will definitely recommend you to everyone!"

-Juakelia, Albany, Ga-

"We booked two females and the party went quite well. Thank you. The girls also had great things to say about your company too. Overall, the guys had a great time and the guys who were a little skeptical in the beginning were completely surprised."


-Joshua, Atlanta, Ga-

""This company is awesome. friendly and professional from start to finish. Best time ever"

-Tiffany, Douglasville, Ga-

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Our History, Experience, Strength & Hope



We here at MC Entertainment & Services know what it's like to order something online and end up not getting what you were promised, what you really meant to order in the first place or what you actually saw in your description upon ordering your product, item or service online. This is really the whole reason MC Entertainment & Services was created in the first place originally. It was the experience of ordering entertainment online and getting baited and switched after it was all said and done with the simple same excuse each time being with each company that the dancer/entertainer I ordered had an emergency pop up last minute so they sent their "next best" out to me. It was understandable the first time but when I saw it happened with four DIFFERENT companies all within the span of a year. The worst thing about these companies is that they know you most likely will just go along with it and forget messing with it when the dancer/entertainer shows up to your door. Calling to complain or trying retrieve some sort of refund or money back on the initial purchase just didn't seem worth it because what proof did I have that the dancer I originally ordered didn't "last minute" have an emergency come up. I honestly can't count how many times I have ordered something online to find they tricked me with a cheaper product or a different product from what I originally ordered. In the end I usually just gave up trying to contact the company (which is usually nearly impossible sometimes). That or I really didn't want to go online to their dispute center to fill out a long return form along with pictures, a detailed description, print out a return label and/or worse have to pay to have it shipped back just to throw my hands up in the air and say it isn't even worth it and just deciding to keep the fake, faulty, wrong or cheaper item sent to me. I thought to myself how can we eliminate this dilemma and shady business practice and thought about what opportunity could be out there if I did! That is when in 2011 Mindy & Christopher created MC Entertainment & Services and officially sought out to be the master of ceremonies for the southeastern United States. With us we reveal to YOU how to spot the NOT trustworthy entertainment agencies to help you avoid them entirely. We do this with no intentions or expectations of you booking or ordering through us but to just simply inform you of how to go forward in making the right smart decision when making your purchase booking your entertainment adult strip show online. If you do happen to decide to give MC Entertainment & Services a try then we are happy to give you a peace of mind of providing you with a 200% money back guarantee on your entertainer booking with us. So for ANY REASON whatsoever you DO NOT receive the exact entertainer/dancer that was promised to you to show up within their hour window to arrive then all you have to literally do is contact our booking manager, who operates the phone lines 24/7, and tell him what exactly happen and that you would like a full refund plus a FREE future booking to double your money spent. You also get to choose whether you keep the dancer/entertainer in this case as well but we are most certain this won't be the case. If it is we will always notify you versus you just having some stranger (dancer/entertainer) show up randomly to tell you to your face so you feel sorry for him/her and not turn them away after coming all the way out to you with a b.s. story. Good business is just good business. It doesn't have to be rocket science! Many in commerce have it right but there still so many unfortunately that are only only to scam those that buy from them. I just don't understand how they get away with it and haven't been taken down, shut down by the local authorities or removed entirely. To educate you the best WE can just so no matter where you go to take your business you don't get got by thieves and scoundrels on a night that is supposed to be memorable and special is all we need to rest knowing we are doing all we can to make this world a better place even if it's in a small minute way as warning someone as to "How to order strippers online". It is honestly the least we can do really after all the things we have been through ourselves and all the stories our loyal customers have shared with us over the years. Here with our Atlanta entertainment booking agency we vet all our entertainers very carefully. We operate on a three strike policy basis that resets once per calendar year. This is only to be fair because we too understand "stuff" happens, cars breakdown, emergencies actually DO HAPPEN, babysitters cancel, people get into random car wrecks and even sometimes people just simply forget to put things on their calendar. We don't believe that you should have to suffer and pay for OUR independent contractor's mess ups or pay for their personal life problems. That should entirely fall upon us not the customer. Needless to say we have weeded out all the models, actors, actresses, pole dancers, entertainers, burlesque dancers, performers and exotic dancers who aren't serious about making money, working for us or honestly don't care enough about their word being their bond in their lives. As you see we have good intentions, solid business ethics and try to show it in how we conduct ourselves in our business, our personal lives and in the lives of others. Thank you for reading and we hope we help at least one person make their special ceremony one worth remembering for a lifetime!

From the staff, entertainers & management at MC Entertainment & Services

 We love feedback and encourage all of our customers to leave a detailed review describing their experience booking with our Atlanta Entertainment Company. Honest reviews allow customers to see first hand a verified customer's experience with THAT particular entertainer. It also helps entertainers in Atlanta get more party bookings and helps us know what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and how we as a company can make changes to make everyone's experience the most beneficial ever. We  have thick skin and our feelings won't be hurt. Without knowing exactly how we can improve in our everyday business with you we cannot grow as a business in the years to come. We Thank you for understanding and appreciate your cooperation in this important manner to us.