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Atlanta Security Professionals

We are a local company providing local professionals for your needs. We are here to keep your executives and property safe. unlike major companies we listen to the little guy. Along with the security and safety of individuals, assets and facilities, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our staff is passionate about meeting the needs of every client. We’re looking forward to working with you and helping your event, community or facility get the protection it deserves

Assest Protection

We Major in executive & personal protection services, Atlanta Bodyguard Service and Personal Risk Assessment Services. understanding that each of our clients has specific personal protection requirements. The Officers on our team will do our best to exceed  your expectations and deliver exceptional executive protection in Atlanta & we offer our services at affordable rates. Our Atlanta executive protection specialists are highly trained to keep clients and locations safe while mitigating the risks of personal threats, violence, active shooters, stalkers, and any problem that might arise. Our clients can rest assured that they are in the care of skilled and knowledgeable personal protection. 

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Secret Shoppers

Wanna test your security team? Want help finding blind spots in your camera systems? We will help. We will come in and report vacancies we notice. We will test the system by trying to break it. We dress in plain clothes and attempt to steal or shoplift from you location so you can learn of discrepancies without having to loss actual merchandise.

Grocery Shopping

Door security

Need help controlling access to you establishment. We provide process from checking ids to keeping the wrong crowd out. From strip to dance and night clubs We will help control access. We pride our team on excelling where needed. We will keep underage people out as well as providing excellent customer service.

Dancing in night club
Event Security

From Football games to private events, our security team will provide crowd control and protection. We pride our selves with our team work and calm guards under pressure. We are open to long and short term events and contracts.

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Post Security

Need a gate manned. want control to your business managed. we provide the elite bodies needed to ease your mind. warehouses, hotels, restaurants we will provide excellent service. We pride our selves on execellent customer service. we take care of your customers as if they were our own.

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