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Mistress Jasmin Jai 

Located in Atlanta Georgia 

Are you a guy submissive who enjoys having your balls trampled, stepped on, or kicked by gorgeous, powerful, and influential women? Have you been searching for a place or a way to serve, worship, or obey but haven't been able to locate one? You're in luck today! Atlanta Mistress "Jasmin Jai" is accepting a very small number of "chosen" obedient boys or men to wait on her, to serve her, to be her doormat, and to obey her every order for a very short period of time. The male submissives who are chosen and pass the initial screening will work 20 hours per week to support the growth of Mistress' adult enterprises, assist her in gaining followers, and help with SEO marketing. This is YOUR CHANCE to get grandfathered in to SERVE and prove your worth to Mistress NOW. Adult entertainment sex worker enterprises require a lot to manage. Send an email to Her Highness immediately if you have any practical business skills, unusual trades, or special qualities that you believe could help Jasmin Jai & her businesses in Atlanta. You should send her an email outlining your "detailed" proposal of your "supposed" advantageous skills that you provide to increase Goddess Jasmin's authority, dominance, and global reach. Within the first 24 hours of emailing her, she will undoubtedly block you for wasting her valuable time if your response contains anything sexual, offensive, unpleasant, or unrelated to serving, spoiling, or booking Mistress. This strong, attractive, and skilled woman surely doesn't need any assistance in meeting guys, sating her sexual needs, or missing out on any activity in the bedroom. Furthermore, this baddie is a demisexual guy, making her a mind-boggling combo that has not yet been cracked. Either you'll take a seat next to her or you'll be expelled by Mistress Forever! The final say in how the situation plays out is yours. Be aware that this Goddess is one that very few men will ever have the opportunity to encounter personally. Just be aware that once Mistress Jasmin has you under her spell, there is no turning back and your life will never be the same for you again. Be aware that you are either FOR or AGAINST the mistress if you are not! There are never any exceptions or in-betweens. Always keep in mind that anything you place before Mistress, you will lose. You cannot now claim that I did not forewarn you about submissives. Also take note that you may move up the screening line by leaving cash tips, positive company reviews, sending greeting cards, and ordering things directly from her Amazon wish list. Your chances of success could be made or broken by this.  Oh, and don't be a complete moron or idiot; if you send Mistress money or something else, make sure to mention it in your email. Cashapp $jjcustommoments Or, if you ordered something, just say what you ordered so Mistress Jasmin will know who you are and where the present came from. WARNING: Terms and conditions may apply; this offer is only valid for a short period of time and expires on January 1st 2023. You may be sure that this ad and many others on the internet will be taken down as soon as this Professional Dominatrix finds her devoted, trustworthy Atlanta submissives.

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