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Welcome to the # 1 Atlanta Strippers Delivery Service & Stripper Super store! We specialize in sending out strippers in Atlanta to private parties, events & other celebratory activities in Atlanta Georgia USA. Our local adult entertainment company prides itself on being one of the leaders in the adult entertainment industry in Atlanta and soon all over the world!


Yes, you heard right... MC Entertainment & Services plans to expand its Atlanta stripper operation to not just the United States but soon to Canada, the Caribbean and then eventually into other countries from there. With all that being said we happily invite you to check us out, read up on our amazing premium entertainment services in Atlanta and try out our world renown Atlanta strippers who so eagerly & patiently await your party booking.  




So what information do I need to make my Atlanta Strippers reservation?



What we need to schedule your party event in Atlanta:





Number # 1


We need you to select the top 3 selection of Atlanta strippers that you would like to have come strip & perform at your adult party. we always guarantee to go down your list in order, from your first choice to your last, to check availability our Atlanta strippers. We promise to always try to get your first selection each & every time.

Number # 2


We will definitely need a precise date and time of when you need the Atlanta stripper(s) to arrive at your adult party in Atlanta.

Number # 3


Name of the contact person (point of contact) for the Atlanta stripper(s) to call & confirm with you the party details as well as to call when they arrive at your party or get lost locating the party destination. Two phone numbers are required so the strippers in Atlanta we send to you can contact you the day/night of the event or party.

Number # 4


 We of course will need the exact location and address of your adult party or event. We will need the physical street address along with the local zip code and a unit/building # if there is one. If at a hotel we will require the hotel address, the hotel phone # we require the exact name listed on the room reservation just in case everyone gets a little too wasted before the Atlanta stripper(s) even get there. Or if there is poor reception for the Atlanta stripper(s) this allows her to still get through the front desk if she/he is unable to get a hold of you.


Number # 5 

 We will need to know about approximately how many guests will be attendance at your adult party or event and last but least what is the special occasion of your event if any?

If you believe you have these key pieces of vital information in order for your party or event then all is left to do is book online or call us for an exact price quote.

# 678-768-3611

Average prices for Strippers in Atlanta start at $225 & Up. Pay $100 online when you book & the remainder to the Atlanta Stripper(s) upon arrival to your party or event.



A night on the town in Atlanta!

A girl's night out or passion party!

Drink responsibly at your home!


Bachelorette & Birthday Parties!


​Female Entertainers

$250 & Up

Male Strippers
$225 & Up

Invite ONLY selectly screened guests!

Bachelor & Birthday Parties!

Fun & Hilarious Parties!

College Parties

* Rates range due to distance to party location from downtown Atlanta Georgia or other major cities that entertainers are traveling from based on Google Maps. Also additional rates may apply for hotel parking, longer guaranteed length of show, if picking a headliner, if less than 5 people in attendance, certain unusual costume request, custom request (hopping out of cakes, etc) booking fees and if any orders that are placed last minute notice past midnight or past 3 am in the morning.


Among other cities in Georgia and other states, MC Entertainment & Services serves the following areas: Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, Decatur, Columbus, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Conyers, Fayetteville, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Norcross, Smyrna, Stone Mountain, Acworth, Austell, Buford, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, College Park, Commerce, Covington, Cumming, Dallas, Dalton, Doraville, Douglasville, Duluth, East Ellijay, Ellijay, Macon, Savannah, Conyers, Cartersville, Suwanee, Norcross, Buckhead, Lenox, Midtown, Griffin, Statesboro, Jonesboro, Blue Ridge, Winder, Augusta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Snelville, La Grange, Warner Robins, Dalton, Rome Dahlonega, Toccoa, Newnan, Peachtree City, McDonough, Carrolton, Monroe, Valdosta, Dublin, Brunswick & many more.

" So why should I order a stripper instead of just going to a strip club? "

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Click below now to find out!

MC Entertainment & Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Charges

Wherever they need to travel to is normally fine. There are normally no additional travel charges if the party is within the city or immediate metro area. For out of town parties, travel charges are calculated according to time from Downtown Atlanta . This additional amount is due in cash upon his/her arrival in addition to the $125 remaining balance. If your event is more than 4 hours from Downtown Atlanta be prepared to pay for possible hotel stay and airfare. If your event is a significant distance from downtown feel free to contact us at 678-768-3611 for clarification or any questions.


Recommended Dancers

We represent every entertainer equally and all the elite entertainers are amazing. Because of this you would just simply base your preferences off of the photos, profiles, reviews and videos on the website.

Booking Dancers in Advance

Most clients book anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks in advance. Some clients book the day before and some even book the same day. We recommend you book as far in advance as possible to ensure the best entertainers and avoid any additional charges.


Check Entertainer Availability

We are usually able to accommodate your request when possible but when you book online you are required to make more than one preference in order to provide some flexibility. If you’d like to find out which entertainer was assigned simply call us in enough advance before your party because it will certainly have been assigned out if you wait until the last moment. The guys often call you prior to your party to confirm and speak directly with you anyway.

Tipping Dancers

Customary tipping for an entertainer at an average party, is about $200-$400 which is in addition to the booking fee and the entertainer's up front fee. So if you have about 10 guest that is about $20-$40 a person or if you have 20 guests that’s only $10-$20 a person which normally is not a problem for most parties. As the person booking the party you owe it to the entertainer to just simply make sure everyone is prepared with tip dollars and change for larger bills prior to the dancer's arrival. The dancer's performance is largely dictated by tips so in order to receive the best performance and to ensure the dancer's full booked amount of time we recommend generous tipping throughout the entire show. Generous tipping allows us to provide the highest quality entertainers at such a low introductory cost. We’d rather you save your money for tips rather than charging high, up front booking fees like most other entertainment booking agencies do.


Time & Pricing

It is safe to say that when clients request shorter performance times we can safely assume that the entertainer's tips are going to be less. Whether it’s a five-minute stripper-o-gram at a doctor’s office or if it’s a 30 minute to an hour long party, it's the same price. Each regular priced elite entertainer performs most shows 30 minutes to an hour (depending on tips). We never guarantee the full hour because it is never guaranteed that there will be a lot of people or tips at the party. We understand that plans fall through, money comes up short in party planning, or promoting & ticket sales doesn't work as well as one might think or plan for it to be. So, this is the fairest and easiest way to book our dancers out with both parties happy and satisfied. While at the same time offering you the lowest and most competitive prices. Rule of thumb: If tips are still flowing and around then a dancer will typically stick around to make more money. Shows can last over an hour if the dancers are taken care of and appreciated for their time, talent and performance.


Booking Fees

Your booking fees largely cover admin, processing your order, scheduling it, assigning it, confirmations, entertainer contracting services, legal services, business license, advertising and business fees and most overhead that comes along with operating and maintaining a business. Most agencies charge $150 - $200 deposit plus the same amount to the dancer upon arrival. They claim you are putting a deposit down which in turn sounds like the dancer gets some of the money from the deposit but that is not true and the performer makes less in tips. We only charge a flat $100 booking fee for booking entertainers.


Cancellation Policy


Notice of cancellation must be received 72 hours prior to the event otherwise booking deposit is non-refundable. A cancellation fee of $25 per entertainer will be assessed if you cancel your entertainer outside of the 72 hour window.


Photography & Video

Entertainers normally allow photographs but it’s ultimately at his/her discretion. If your guests are respectful and tip well then he/she will probably be more likely to allow it. At the very least you will have an opportunity for photos before or after their performance if not during. Any photos shared with MC Entertainment & Services, LLC's social media sites for promotional purposes allows for possible savings & discounts on future entertainer bookings. A copy of photos from the show may be requested by the entertainer or MC Entertainment & Services LLC at anytime and failure to provide photos may constitute in a lawsuit or criminal charges pressed by the dancer or MC Entertainment & Services LLC.



Male entertainers normally do not do full nudity but some guys do if they are comfortable with it. If your party is respectful, tips well and local laws/ordinances permit then the male entertainer may get fully nude. Ultimately it is at the performer's discretion though. Female entertainers almost always get fully nude due to the nature of the entertainment demands of most male parties, guest or clients. We can make special accommodations for more conservative parties and notify the entertainer to not get fully nude, wear full bottom shorts or briefs, or to just strip down to his pants or a non-revealing pair of shorts. You are responsible for any special request regarding nudity at the show. Any request must be made upon booking otherwise the performer may not be informed, will not be prepared and is not to be held liable for any cancellations, party guests offended, or any mishaps due to uncommunicative requests prior to party.


Party Responsibility​

Have an area for the entertainers to get dressed or into costume if they do not arrive already dressed out. ​Please have a stereo with a CD player and some of your favorite music for the show if the dancer does not have his/her own music or stereo. ​​​Be in charge of keeping your guests respectful of the entertainers so that they can do their job. Be cooperative and treat the entertainers with kindness and respect. Participate and enjoy the party with your guests.​​​​


Costume Requests

When you book online please provide your special notes and request and we will try our best provide your top three costume requests. Common request are Cop, Fireman, Cowboy, Construction Worker, Military, Chippendale, Hip Hop, Thug, Security Guard, Jail Inmate, Waiter, Nerd, Doctor, Nurse, Biker, Leather & Chains, Hotel Manager, Pizza Delivery, Businessman, GQ, 50 Shades of Grey, Punk Rocker, Dancing Bear, Maintenance Man, Angry Neighbor, etc. If your request is outlandish or extraordinary (Mr Potato Head, Bin Laden or any other ridiculous act you come up with) and a “must-have” please be prepared to provide the costume or pay substantial additional charges ($150+) for the entertainer to purchase, prepare and perform in that costume.


Performer Getting Ready

White entertainers normally arrive prepared and ready to perform. Black entertainers normally need a changing or dressing room with about 10-15 minutes to prepare. They do what is necessary to be more “endowed” upon making their entrance. Performance preparation and style are worlds apart. They are just simply different types of performers. There are very few exceptions where white entertainers get ready upon arrival or black entertainers arrive ready to perform. Other ethnicities are normally prepared upon arrival too. Just be prepared for either upon your entertainers arrival.


Party Buses

Entertainers perform on party buses in Atlanta all the time. You just need to make sure that his/her pickup and drop-off location is the same so he/she can be back at their vehicle. After picking the entertainer up, drive around or park in the general area so he/she can quickly be it back at their vehicle when you all are done. A $25 additional fee may be requested from the dancer for party bus shows.


Hotel Room Parties

Entertainers perform at hotels a lot of the time. You probably won’t know your room number until you check in so you will be contacted hours before your party to get the room number. You then can either have him come on up or come down to meet him in the lobby to keep the surprise.


Guys At The Party

Some of our male entertainers perform for female audiences only. We do have a select handful of entertainers that perform for the gay community, mixed crowds or if males are present. If men are present during a straight male stripper show the entertainer has the right to refuse performing for the party. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable if the person responsible for booking does not disclose in full detail that it is a gay or mixed crowd party the performer is performing at.


Couples or Private Shows

Some of our entertainers do perform for couples or private shows. Entertainers charge $50 extra in these situations because tips are usually not very plentiful. Tipping is still mandatory through the show to ensure the longest and best performance.


Male or Female Revues

All male revues are handled directly by the booking director. Please be sure to review and fully understand all of the pricing and booking information. After reviewing, please e-mail us the following info and we will reply promptly. Please include “MALE REVUE” in the subject line. INCLUDE: Your First Name / Phone# / Night Club or Venue Name / City and Zip Code / Date / Time / How Many Dancers Needed / Preference of Black, White, or Mix of Male or Female Entertainers


Abuse & Rules

If any of the entertainers feel they are touched inappropriately, or ​​​​physically/verbally abused, the show will be ended immediately and offenders ​prosecuted to the full extent of the law!​​​ If any personal items belonging to our entertainers are broken, stolen, or damaged, it will be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace the damaged item.​​​


Order Changes

If you need to make an adjustment to an existing order please submit your changes with at least a minimum of 72 hours notice before your party to ensure that the changes can be made, accommodated and additional cost will not incur. Any last minute changes under 72 hours from your party date & time that are made that change the specific party date, time, location, or change of your dancer can not be guaranteed because the dancer may not be able to accommodate or be flexible with such short notice. If your dancer is unable to accommodate your under 72 hour changes and it causes you not to have a dancer at all then you are responsible for base pay to the dancer you picked for booking up his/her time slot where he/she could have had one or multiple other parties elsewhere. The booking fee in this case is also non-refundable and this clause is non-negotiable in the contract.


Existing Order Questions

The most effective way to inquire about your order is to simply e-mail us. Include your party date, time, location, order number and any questions or comments and it will be replied to promptly. We prefer for you to e-mail us instead of calling. This allows us to keep phone lines open for new orders and to coordinate schedules and party assignments to the entertainers. If your issue is of an urgent matter feel free to call but be sure to have your order number ready.



We recommend everyone reading over not only our FAQ pages, before booking, but also glancing at our Terms & Conditions and our Company Privacy Policy which can be found below by clicking the links.


Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy
Please view our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy for use of this site by clicking here.

Trust / Legitimate Companies

It is sometimes very difficult to know who to trust on the Internet, much less an independent stripper or an adult entertainment company on the Internet. We encourage you to browse the Internet and check out the competition. While searching, here are a few things that to look for in order to know who not to trust.
  Top 8 Ways to Spot a Legitimate   Entertainment Company:


1) Does the agency post the SAME photos in multiple cities? (easiest way to find out)


2) Does the agency have outdated photos that look like they are from the 80's or 90's?


3) Does the agency have pictures of dancers you've never seen or heard of before?