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​​Have Questions? Find Everything you need to book Atlanta Strippers, Models, Actors, Entertainers & Performers below.

But first, Here's what we need to schedule your party or event:
  1. We will need to know your preferred selection(s) of our adult entertainers. Browse our strippers here

  2. We will need the exact date and the estimated time you would like the entertainer(s) to arrive.

  3. We will need the name & telephone number of the "point of contact" for our entertainer(s) to call or text ahead of arrival, as well as when they arrive at your party, event or studio. (Note: Two phone numbers are preferable, so we can be 100% certain our independent contractors or ourselves can reach you the day/night of the event.)

  4. We will need the correct address of the party, event, or film studio setup. That includes the full street address, city, state, zip code, and any unit or building # if needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is MC Entertainment 


MC Entertainment & Services is a professional and reputable stripper booking agency that has been in business since 2011. Our main office location is at 1999 Barberrie Lane in Decatur, Georgia, which is only 5 mins from East Atlanta Village. We send exotic dancers and strippers to private parties and events, providing a VIP strip club experience for bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday parties. We are a dancer/sex worker-run company that keeps both our dancers and clients as our top priorities. We work to facilitate flawless and memorable adult entertainment at a cost that does not always break the bank. We also book gigs other than stripping such as TV/acting, music video, stripper-grams, modeling, and entertainment opportunities are also available upon request. 

MC Entertainment & Services primarily serves the following areas: Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, Decatur, Columbus,  Alpharetta, Conyers, Fayetteville, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Norcross, Smyrna, Stone Mountain, Acworth, Austell, Buford, Canton, Carrollton, Cartersville, faculty Park, Commerce, Covington, Cumming, Dallas, Dalton, Doraville, Douglasville, Duluth, East Ellijay, Ellijay, Macon, Savannah, Conyers, Cartersville, Suwanee, Norcross, Buckhead, Lenox, Midtown, Griffin, Statesboro, Jonesboro, Blue Ridge, Winder, Augusta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Snellville, La Grange, Warner Robins, Dalton, Rome Dahlonega, Toccoa, Newnan, Peachtree town, McDonough, Carrolton, Monroe, Valdosta, Dublin, Brunswick & more.


How We Do Business in Atlanta 


To get the party started, clients must first fill out a stripper booking form on our website. The booking form provides a section for clients to pick their favorite models, entertainers, and/or strippers in Atlanta for their event. The client then pays a booking fee upfront per entertainer via debit/credit/PayPal/CashApp or Cryptocurrency. Once the form is submitted, our booking managers will immediately begin calling our local Atlanta entertainers starting with the client’s first choice, then moving to their second choice, and so on. If one of our entertainers is not available, we will move on to the next in line on your list.  

Booking Dancers In Enough Time 


Most clients book anywhere between one and four weeks ahead of their scheduled party or event date. We recommend anyone throwing an event or party in Atlanta make sure that they book as far in advance as possible to ensure that they get your top choice(s) of entertainer.


Our highest volume of bookings is on Fridays and Saturdays so, if you are booking at the last minute on either of these days, we ask that you be flexible. With last-minute and day-of bookings, it takes a lot more of our staff's manpower, energy & resources to find strippers for your party. If we are unable to facilitate a dancer of your liking within the necessary time frame, we will need to cancel the booking and the customer will be issued a full refund. If for whatever reason the customer has to cancel on us, there is no refund except for a future credit if the customer is interested in one. 


Checking Stripper Availability 


We always try to accommodate and try to book your top stripper request; however, most of our strippers do tend to get booked up days, weeks, and even months in advance. Our Atlanta strippers are all independent contractors. We are unfortunately unable to keep schedules on all of our performers but have no problem checking their availability for you after you have fully completed our stripper booking form. After filling out the online form with all your party information, a booking manager will reach out to you in approximately 10 to 30 minutes.


On the form, in the "special instructions" or "notes" section, we also recommend that customers make a note if they are flexible on their stripper's arrival time. We say this because your first choice may be booked up at the time you put down, but moving the time up or down an hour or two may free your first choices on your list up.

Travel Fees 


The travel fees associated with booking our male and female strippers in Atlanta are as follows: The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, so if the party is within the Atlanta I-285 perimeter, there should not be any additional travel fees. However, for parties outside of the immediate area, travel fees will be calculated from downtown Atlanta. For parties within an hour of Atlanta, there will be a $50 travel charge. If the party is an hour and a half away, there will be a $75 travel charge, and for parties two hours away, there will be a $100 travel charge. The fees will increase accordingly for parties further away from Atlanta or if booked with little or no notice (meaning last minute). If the party or event is more than four hours away from downtown Atlanta, the customer will need to “possibly” cover the stripper's airfare, hotel, and/or transportation to and from the event and/or hotel.


To sum it up, the closer the party is to Atlanta, the lower the travel fees will be. Customers can contact the company for more information and clarification on the specific travel fees associated with their stripper booking. 

Booking Fees 


The $100 booking fees cover our administration costs. It pays for our operating software systems, and 20% (sometimes 50%) of that booking fee goes directly to the booking manager's pocket who is processing your order. It also helps with future planning and supports the company's cost and expense for legal services, articles of incorporation, business license, office space, office renovations, and the majority of the overhead that comes along with operating and maintaining a business in general. The owners of the company receive absolutely zero money from these booking fees and every bit of it goes directly to growth, more marketing, and expansion for the company in the future.

Our Female Strippers - (Base Rate: $150)


All parties booked are FULL NUDITY performances unless otherwise specified by the client or if the event takes place in a public setting (restaurant, bar, club, or venue) open to the public. For a one-girl party, it is mandatory for them to be accompanied by a driver or other person for safety reasons. We ask that our female strippers arrive with hair and makeup mostly ready to go. Our strippers are expected to entertain, dance, and have a positive fun attitude. To maximize tips, your female stripper should be including adult games, cool tricks, and fun party gimmicks in their performance. If you are not satisfied with their performance, please do not hesitate to let us know! 

Female Strippers - Games & Gimmicks 

Some of our more seasoned Atlanta strippers come with tricks & gimmicks in their bags! Yes, this could include anything from unique party games to choreographed twerk shows involving fireworks & sparklers. A few of our stripper party games are: 

Spank The Bachelor: The point of this game is to get a $1 bill from guests per each spanking of the bachelor, birthday boy
, or guests of honor. The higher the dollar, the harder the spanking! 

Bobbing For Dollars: The exotic dancer(s) asks the guest of honor if he’s wearing any underwear, then $1's are carefully & strategically stuffed all around his underwear or boxer briefs. The exotic dancer(s) then plays a game of fishing the $1's out from his underwear ONLY using their mouths. 


Pussy Pickup: $1 bills & larger bills are carefully placed (like a teepee) from the guest of honor's penis all the way up his chest and on his face. The bills are then picked up by the entertainer ONLY using their pussy...hence the name Pussy Pickup! 


Whip Cream Body Shots: It is exactly as it sounds except ZERO whip cream is put inside any private holes. 


Cooter Shooters: A shot of liquor is drunk straight from the cooter! 


NOTE: Not all of our strippers in Atlanta play all of the party games (and some might come with different versions and variations). Each party and its entertainment varies by case according to the mood, respect, and, of course, tips given. 



Headliner Female Strippers 


Our more seasoned female performers are called "Headliners" and are placed under a special Headliner rate. Headliners list and name their own prices. Headliners are considered to be our "more experienced" dancers and are well-established within our company. All of our Headliners are expected to stay for a guaranteed full hour at minimum. These strippers are some of the best in the adult entertainment industry and have rehearsed show performances which often include tricks and custom music that will leave you with memories to talk about with your close friends and loved ones for years to come!


Our Male Strippers - (Base Rate: $125)


Parties booked with our male strippers are not always full nudity performances, depending on the audience and whether or not the event takes place in a public setting. Our male strippers are expected to entertain, dance, and have a positive fun attitude during, before & after their performance. To maximize tips, your male stripper should be including Magic Mike-style dance routines, cool tricks, and fun party gimmicks in their performance. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to let us know so we can make it right! 


Headliner Male Strippers 


Our more seasoned male performers are called "Headliners" & are placed under a special Headliner rate. Headliners list and name their own prices.  Headliners are considered to be our "more experienced" dancers with extensive performance history. All of our Headliners are expected to stay for a guaranteed full hour at minimum. These male strippers are some of the best in the adult entertainment industry and have a rehearsed show performance including tricks and custom music that will leave you with memories to talk about with your close friends and loved ones for years to come!

Discounted Male Strippers 

We sometimes offer customers the option to book "discounted" male exotic dancers that have little or no prior experience. During their training, all of our new talents must successfully perform at 3 parties at a discounted, upfront rate of $75 upon their arrival (& tips throughout their show.) Once the dancer completes their 3 successful parties without any mishaps, mess-ups, or hiccups along the way, then they can go up to our regular base male dancer price of $125 + tips for local Atlanta parties.


Guys At The Party

Some of our male entertainers perform for female audiences only. We do have a select handful of entertainers that perform for the gay community or mixed crowds. If men are present during a straight male stripper show the entertainer has the right to refuse to perform for the party. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable if the person responsible for booking does not disclose in full detail that it is a gay or mixed crowd party the performer is performing at.

What We Expect 


Even though all our adult entertainers and Atlanta strippers are classified as independent contractors, they are expected to be punctual, prepared, and very professional. Once an entertainer commits to a party, details will be sent via text from the MCE business line (6 7 8 - 7 6 8 - 3 6 1 1) to the entertainer's phone. Additional reminder texts are sent to each entertainer on the day of the event around noon.


Our entertainers must call/text their clients to confirm party details on the day of their event no later than 3 hours before arrival. For last-minute bookings, contact is made immediately after the adult entertainer receives their party details. Confirmation calls/texts give entertainers and clients the opportunity to iron out any last-minute details before the party or event starts. Entertainers always receive an upfront fee provided by the client in cash (unless otherwise specified by the booking manager(s)). It is the entertainer’s responsibility to acquire their upfront fee before performing. Tips are the entertainers to keep. We do not play favorites with our exotic dancers. We require all base-priced male & female entertainers to stay and perform the initial guaranteed 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on tips. Most parties can go for 1 to 3 hours, but, after the guaranteed 30 minutes have passed, our adult entertainers stay based on tips.

Our Stripper Strike System 


MCE offers an unheard-of 200% money-back guarantee on all of our party bookings. With this guarantee, we promise our customers that they will receive the exact adult performer they booked and that they will enjoy his/her strip show performance. 


When our strippers agree to a party, they must give us a 100% yes or a 100% no when they respond to the parties offered. For most reasons, we will give a first-time warning if the dancer messes up. If there is a second mishap, the dancer is required to pay the booking fee ($100) as well as the 200% money-back guarantee we had to sacrifice to the customer in the form of a future credit to help save the company's face (meaning $200 overall in total). If a 3rd strike is given, the exotic dancer will be placed on suspension for 3 to 6 months (minimum) in addition to the $200 fee to be able to get back onboard with us. As a customer, you should not have to worry about whether or not your scheduled entertainment is arriving. We strive to give you the best experience possible from booking to day-of event. 




We do not have security but we do have "drivers." Drivers are mandatory for one-girl parties booked through our adult entertainment company in Atlanta. Parties where two or more exotic dancers are booked typically do not need a driver unless a dancer or entertainer personally requests one. This rarely ever happens unless the dancer is coming from another party prior to yours. All of our Atlanta strippers are allowed to use any one of our private entertainment company's independent contracted drivers, or they are welcome to provide their own.


The dancer is solely responsible for paying the driver the set amount established by MC Entertainment & Services. The drivers are to be paid at $10/hour (from the start of pick up to drop off) and then receive a 10% tip-out of the total amount made by the exotic dancer(s) at the end of the night.


Any drivers working for our Atlanta stripper company MUST have a valid driver’s license and drive a 2010 vehicle or newer. The drivers are responsible for all of their driving expenses, parking fees (unless its for a party to get into a parking deck or valet), tolls, speeding tickets, gas, tires, fix-a-flat, etc. & any car costs that may ensue. Drivers are supposed to wear all black, dark colors or close to it (look nice) and it is VERY IMPORTANT that our drivers do not carry any cash on them. Any driver who brings cash on his/her person will be cited for stealing. This is solely to protect YOU. Drivers are best silent and in the background, unseen or unnoticed. Drivers are not supposed to partake in the festivities, drink, or do anything that impedes their professionalism. If you notice any drivers not following our code of conduct we ask you to notify us immediately.


 Verbiage When Calling Us 


We answer the phone the same way every time to promote consistency & synchronicity within our company. Below is what you can expect when calling:

MCE: “MC Entertainment, how may I help you?” 


Customer: "Is this a strip club?"


MCE: "No, we are a stripper delivery service. We are not an actual physical location. We send dancers to your party’s location or event." 


Customer:  "Oh really?! How much does it cost to have a stripper delivered?" 


MCE: "Dancer pricing depends on the city location, the number of guests in attendance, and the time of the event. There is a $50 charge for parties less than 5. Events past midnight also incur a $50 upcharge and same night parties past 3 am incur a $100 upcharge."


Customer: "How long do the strippers stay for?"


MCE: "Your initial booking guarantees 30 minutes to an hour depending on tips. Most parties go from 1-2 hours but will depend on your party’s participation and tipping. Our "Headliners" do guarantee a full-hour show, but they also charge a little more on their upfront show-up fee as well. All dancers are independent contractors, but our headliners actually name their own upfront price with our adult entertainment company. These adult performers have been in the business for a while, have a set routine and a show performance that leaves you craving and wanting more."


Customer: "How do I get to select the dancers & how can I see pictures of them?"


MCE: "There is a section on the booking form where you can select your entertainers & see all of their photos with all of their pricing on them. Once we receive your booking fee and stripper booking form, we will start on your order immediately. We will always check with your top choice's availability first and work our way down your stripper list from there until we find someone of your liking. If you’re dead set on only one or two performers and they’re not available after all, we can refund your booking 100%, no questions asked."


Customer: "How long before the strippers will arrive at our party?"


MCE: "For same-day bookings please allow for at least 1 - 3 hours from the time we receive your booking till we can get the dancer to you."


Customer: "How do I book?"


MCE: "Right when we hang up the phone we will send you the link via text along with the price quote I just gave you based on your city location & how many people are in attendance at your party. All you need to do is to fill out the stripper booking form with all your party information and a booking manager will get back to you within 30 minutes to an hour."


Etiquette for Tipping Dancers  


WARNING:  Do not order strippers if you CAN NOT afford them! Customary tipping for a seasoned and professional Atlanta stripper can be anything from $200 all the way up to $1000 or more. We typically tell clients that, if they have around 10 guests in attendance, to have everyone bring about $50 to $100 per person with them to the party. If they have around twenty guests in attendance, then have guests bring around $10 to $50 per person. Remember the time limit for our shows is pretty much unlimited, so the show typically stops when the tips stop. Be well prepared and make your pre-rounds collecting $1's at local banks, gas stations & shops long BEFORE your Atlanta stripper arrives at your party or event. NOTE: Strippers do not always bring 1's or come with their own $1's. This is YOUR responsibility!


Time Limits


We say that our show times are unlimited as long as you are tipping and your performer(s) do not have any parties or engagements following your event. We always recommend customers just ask their entertainer, when they call to confirm 3 hours prior, to determine if they have other commitments. Ultimately it is up to the entertainer's discretion as each adult entertainer is their own independent contractor working with MC Entertainment & Services. 


Cancellation Policy & Booking Changes


Notice of cancellation should be received at least 72 hours before the event, otherwise the $100 booking deposit is non-refundable. A cancellation fee of $25 per booking  will apply if you cancel your stripper outside of that seventy-two-hour window. A  credit for future use is an option if approved by management. All credits issued for the future are good for up to 5 years from the date issued, unless otherwise specified by management. Keep in mind that a lot of our entertainers book up days, weeks, and even months in advance, so a cancelation to them means money lost.


If you wish to make an adjustment to an existing order, please submit your changes with a minimum of seventy-two hours' notice before your party to avoid a change/cancellation fee. If your dancer is unable to accommodate a last-minute change (less than 72 hours) the booking fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.


Photography & Video 


Most of our Atlanta strippers permit pictures to be taken however it’s ultimately at his/her discretion. Any photos shared with MC Entertainment & Services, LLC on social media sites by customers automatically qualify for savings & discounts on future bookings if tagged properly with our adult website link. Any photos or videos taken of any strippers who are employed by MC Entertainment & Services without their permission must supply said photos/videos to said dancer, otherwise it could result in a civil lawsuit and/or criminal charges pressed by the dancer or MC Entertainment & Services LLC.


If an exotic dancer with our company asks to not be photographed or videographed then we ask that you kindly respect that dancer's request. Never assume that it is okay to film any exotic dancer. Be sure that you and your guests in attendance get permission and the proper consent from your exotic dancer. Whenever booking for photo shoots or video shoots we only book 2-hour slots minimum at $200 an hour to make it worth it to our performers. For more information on video shoots and photo shoots in Atlanta, contact us via text or telephone. Our exotic dancers are not allowed to take photos, videos, or post anywhere online in regard to your party/event without permission to do so first. 




We can input special requests for your dancer to follow which might include (but are not limited to) requests to NOT get nude, to wear full bottom covering shorts, to wear briefs, no thongs or just to simply take off only their shirt leaving his/her pants on for just a topless show. As the customer, you have the ability to input ANY special request relating to nudity at your show. Any request should be created upon booking. NOTE: No nudity is allowed in public spaces (restaurants, malls, stores, offices, bars, nightclubs, salons, places of business, etc.) unless the owner of the venue has an adult entertainment license issued by their local city or county permits office. 


Party Responsibility  


As our valued client, it is essential that you maintain a respectful atmosphere for the entertainers, enabling them to execute their performances successfully. We kindly request your cooperation and considerate treatment of our entertainers. Additionally, we expect you to provide a designated room or spacious bathroom where our Atlanta stripper(s) can securely store their belongings, change outfits, and prepare as needed.

It is imperative to emphasize that YOU, as the customer, bear the sole responsibility of ensuring that all attendees at your party or event settle your stripper's upfront balance and tips promptly to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted performance. Often, misconceptions arise among those booking strippers, presuming they will effortlessly collect tips throughout the event, only to find the opportunity missed. We highly discourage relying on any digital payment platforms such as Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Google Wallet, or Zelle due to their limitations on daily transactions. To avoid disappointment and ensure a delightful experience, it is best to arrange for cash tips. Encourage your guests to contribute to a pregame tip fund with $1 bills, readily available at local gas stations or convenience stores in Atlanta. This thoughtful preparation ensures your Atlanta stripper(s) feel valued, and their compensation is well taken care of, enabling them to entertain you and your guests to the fullest extent.


Costume Requests 


When you book online please be sure to include any special request or particular costumes you want your entertainer to show up in or change into upon arriving at your party or event. We recommend giving at least 3 costume requests just in case your entertainer does not have your first or second costume requests available in their repertoire. 

A common request for stripper costumes in Atlanta includes Police Officer, Fireman, Cowboy, Artisan, Military, Chippendale, Magic Mike Look, Hip Hop Rapper, Gangster, Grandpa, Security Guard, Jail Inmate, Waiter, Nerd, Doctor, Nurse, Biker & Chains, Leather Maste
r, Native American Indian Chief, Hotel Maid, Hippie, Pirate Jack Sparrow, Pool Boy, Personal Trainer, Tennis Player, Black Panther, Cable Guy, Pizza Delivery Boy, Business Executive, Hotel Manager, Room Service, Masseur, Doctor, Nurse, GQ Look, Fifty Shades of Gray, Adolescent Teen, Geek Squad, Giant Penis Costume, Dancing Bear, Construction Worker, Angry Neighbor, etc.  


Performer Getting Ready 


Different entertainers in Atlanta have different methods. White male strippers in Atlanta usually arrive ready and prepared to perform and to start their improv based on whatever stripper costume is requested. The majority of our black male strippers in Atlanta will request and want a private room set aside for them to get ready. If your male stripper requests a room to get ready in, they will most likely try to arrive a little early to allow time to change, oil their body up and prime their manhood down below. This process is vital for most male strippers to perform and cooperation and assistance may be needed. Allow anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes for them to fully get ready for your show. They are doing what's necessary to be well “endowed” upon their entrance so they come out swinging!  All of our Atlanta female strippers will require a room to change and get ready prior to performing for your party or event. This can also be a bedroom, bathroom, or large supply room with enough space to get ready.


Party Buses & Shuttle Buses 


Entertainers perform on party buses and shuttle buses all the time but we do not encourage having your entertainer perform while your Atlanta party bus is in motion or driving on main roads. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that his/her pickup and drop-off location is the same so the entertainer can  return to their vehicle after your party with minimal complications or travel. It is suggested that the party bus driver park in a general public parking space while the adult entertainer is performing and giving lap dances to you and your guests. NOTE: An additional $25 fee is may be requested by the dancer for any Atlanta party bus shows because they tend to not begin and end on time and have cost money to take a Taxi or Uber to their parked vehicle.


Couples or Private Shows 


Some of our entertainers do perform for couples and/or are okay with doing private one-on-one shows. Entertainers charge $50 extra for parties less than five as tips are sometimes not as plentiful at these smaller parties or couples gatherings.

Male or Female Revues 


All male revues are to be booked at least one week prior to their event, otherwise additional charges may apply. Also, male revues tend to operate a little differently as well because the dancers trickle in one after another versus showing up all at once. Once a male or female entertainer(s) has done their performance they are NOT obligated to stick around or stay later unless they decide to on their own terms. The more packed out a male revue is the less likely an adult entertainer would want to leave, so try to pack out the place you are throwing your event at as much as possible! MC Entertainment & Services personally DOES NOT put on female or male revues in Atlanta ourselves but we do try to help event planners & promotors with finding their talent line-up.


Abuse & Rules 


If any of the entertainers feel they're touched inappropriately, or physically/verbally abused, the show may be wrapped up and/or finished immediately, no questions asked. Offenders will be prosecuted to the complete extent of the law! If any personal belongings of our entertainer are broken, stolen, or damaged by anyone at the party/event, it'll be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace the broken item(s).  




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