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Las Vegas Strippers Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments Through QR Tattoos

It is a known fact that the bitcoin industry is a male-dominated world. A group of Las Vegas strippers are currently taking action to change that.

One segment of local news show had recently featured an adult entertainment show in the city where dancers obtain payment from customers via bitcoin transfers. This ingenious idea came to reality due to clients concerns usually have regarding privacy (e.g. wives or family finding out through credit card bills), as well as an attraction for wealthy bitcoin investors.

Legends Room is a strip club which opened on May of 2017. Clients are able to use an in-house bitcoin ATM where they can purchase cryptocurrency. The dancers then don temporary QR tattoos as wallet addresses which can be scanned on a smartphone.

Aside from prioritizing privacy concerns for their clients, it’s also beneficial on the part of the dancers. The usage of cryptocurrency spares them from having to explain banks what their sources of large amount of cash is. Some dancers have shared experiences of being denied from having account at certain banks or having their accounts completely shut down.

Clients and dancers alike now seem to think that cryptocurrency could be future of adult entertainment. It could bridge the gap between the needs of the customer and the performer. “It’s peer to peer, it’s anynonymous, and it’s instant” said Sparks, a 26- year old dancer.

By Leia Kojamat - March 2, 2018 <>

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MC Entertainment & Services Atlanta Strippers R' Us
MC Entertainment & Services Atlanta Strippers R' Us
Feb 19, 2019

You can find the QR code temporary tattoo makers or distributors online. Just look up custom temporary tattoo on Google and I'm sure a few places local to you make them. Then just compare pricing from there.


Mr Nice Guy
Mr Nice Guy
Sep 07, 2018

Do any strippers know where to get a temporary QR code tattoo or does it have to be permanent?

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